The Best Way To Lower Cholesterol

Best ways to lower cholesterolThe lower your cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein, the lower your risk of stroke and heart attack. In fact, LDL cholesterol is used to determine the risk of your attack more than total cholesterol. Lowering your bad cholesterol by use of healthy diets rich in fiber, vegetables, and fruits can keep you away from diseases and keep your heart healthy. The following are the best ways to the best ways to lower cholesterol.

Lose weight

Obesity is mainly associated with high cholesterol levels. According to 2007 study that was published in “Diabetes care” shows that, in obese people with metabolic syndrome, weight loss managed to reduce LDL concentration.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise lowers both LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and at the same time increase high-density lipoprotein. Benefits of physical activities can be recorded from about 60 minutes of medium-intensity aerobic workout per week. Besides, more active people will record greater results.

Eat vegetables and fruits

According to the study that was published in 2004 by the American journal of clinical nutrition shows that high vegetables and fruits intakes lead to low cholesterol levels. People who consume more fruits and vegetables are more likely to have bad cholesterol.

Consider foods with high omega-3 fats

Omega-3 fatty acids are the most common heart-healthy fats that are mainly found in seafood. A study that was published in “metabolism” in 2004 indicated that omega-3 fatty acids with physical activities improve cholesterol levels even more than treatment alone.

Different methods to lower cholesterol

Use fiber supplements

For individuals who might lack a diet rich in fiber, should consider soluble fiber supplements such as guar gum, beta-glucan, and pectin. These supplements greatly help in lowering bad cholesterol.

Limit saturated fat

Taking foods with the high level of saturated fat frequently may affect your cholesterol level negatively. Besides, several foods high in saturated fat are high in cholesterol. Saturated fats are primarily traced in animal products like pork, beef, lamb and dairy products such as cheese, cream, and butter. Therefore, limiting these foods helps to bring your bad cholesterol to a healthy level.

Avoid Trans Fats

These fats are produced naturally in the stomach of ruminant animals and through hydrogenation. In fact, trans fats increase the level bad cholesterol. Through avoiding these fats lowers your LDL.

Take Psyllium

Psyllium husk is the most fiber supplement that has a great potential for lowering cholesterol. According to MedlinePlus study, individual who consume this supplements have good cholesterol than those who don’t take it at all. Therefore, people with LDL are advised to consume this supplement since it lowers the cholesterol.

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